My Dubai Stay in Ramadan

Ramadan is the holiest month in the Islamic calendar. It commemorates the period when revelations began from God. Muslims are supposed to abstain from food, drink, sexual pleasures and sins from dawn till dusk. Ramadan will be beginning from the evening of 1st September and run through 1st October.

There is a big concern among those who plan to visit Dubai during this time.The most common question asked especially by non-muslims is “What impact Ramadan will have on My Dubai Stay?”

Dubai with its unchallenged sights, diverse life styles, and warm atmosphere is an open invitation for those looking for paradise on earth. It is undeniably adopting western customs at a much faster pace. However in Ramadan Dubai transforms into an impeccable blend of religion and modern culture. So visiting Dubai in Ramadan will be a different experience altogether. With night clubs closed and live music/ concerts being banned Dubai life becomes vibrant inside Majlis and Jaimas (Arabic tents) that are set up all across Dubai.  Tents are well decorated with Persian carpets, stylishly placed cushions and offer exquisite cuisines and beverages that actually reflects true Arabian culture. Even after opening of the fast people stay there very late to socialise, enjoy food, smoke shisha and play games.

In Ramadan shopping lovers will find several attractive promotions. Not only from retail stores to restaurants but upon flight booking, hotel reservation, dubai furnished apartment reservation etc. People splurge to Malls after sun down and Dubai is as busy then as Western stores before Christmas. During fasting hours Malls do stay open but observe the no food rule if their eating area is visible to the public. Similarly restaurants with visible area do not serve during day time, but inside nothing changes; mostly windows are curtained to respect fasting people. Non-muslims are expected to show kindliness by not eating, drinking and smoking at public places.  Alcohol is not served during day time but after sunset bars open up and alcohol is served as usual.

Ramadan is a time of sharing, peace and tolerance and this unison of religion and culture transforms dream destination of Dubai into a remarkable reality. So why not find out yourself what really makes Dubai Ramadan a unique experience.

Share your views on daily fasting and nightly feastings and what makes your Dubai Stay in Ramadan special.


September 2, 2008 at 11:09 am 7 comments

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